The optimization of sensors is a prime example for multi-physics simulations. This typically involves effects such as

  • Fluid mechanics
  • Thermal conduction
  • Diffusion
  • Chemical reactions
  • Mechanics, e.g. deformation
  • Control

playing an important role.

Our customer was shortly before the start of production. The management was extremely concerned that final testing had shown the response characteristic was too sluggish. Just a few weeks later, thousands of components would be being produced every day, which they already knew would result in a product recall. Under these preconditions, the customer turned to us.

Our project manager dropped everything and traveled to the customer immediately. The customer had already been busy and presented numerous ideas for the optimization of the geometry and materials.

Thanks to COMSOL Multiphysics, this was an easily solvable problem for us – to test all the geometry and material combinations experimentally would have been far too expensive.

Despite the time pressure, it was very important to us to proceed absolutely scrupulously. So first of all we validated our model of the existing configuration with measurement data, before proceeding with the optimization. Our project manager’s intelligent approach enabled thousands of options to be computed in a very short time, identifying the best 10 variants.

These were then manufactured by the customer and evaluated experimentally.

Did they have a functioning component for SOP? Of course!