Heat exchanger

Optimizing heat exchangers of all kinds is the core of our core business. The typical question of our customers is: “How can I increase the heat transfer performance and reduce the pressure loss at the same time?” This is particularly interesting for very complex or modular heat exchanger systems, because our customer wants to be able to reduce the investment costs per kW this way.

In the example shown – which has of course been anonymized for reasons of confidentiality – the customer wanted to increase the heat transfer coefficient of the water using appropriate geometric optimization. The goal was a 10% increase in performance with an acceptable pressure loss. The benefits are obvious: For a special application around 50 modules are connected in series. If the 10% optimization is successful, 5 modules per unit could be saved in future – resulting in annual cost savings for the customer of several tens of thousands of euros.

All the same it was a tricky task: Due to the low flow speed and the requirements for maximum pressure loss, there were only a few degrees of freedom available for the optimization.

For reasons of confidentiality, we are not able to describe our solution in detail here. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. That we were able to present them with a more than satisfactory solution for them, goes without saying.