Simulation projects to order

As an engineering consultancy for thermodynamics and fluid mechanics (CFD), we earn our daily bread with simulation projects.

Customers from all kinds of industries come to us because

  • They want to know what the limits are for safe application of the selected cable cross-sections.
  • They would like a visualization of the temperature distribution in the interior of a filled silo, to find out whether condensation is taking place.
  • They want to be sure that the flow and pressure conditions in the designed discharge pipes are within the limits they have set.
  • They need reliable and meaningful information on the dynamic flow conditions, including the transport mechanisms through a membrane.

As a neutral expert, we help our customers to understand the physics of their problem, enabling the results to be evaluated critically using multi-physics simulations once the common project has been completed – e.g. regarding  the temperature development, the turbulence or the diffusion process.

For this, it is not necessary for you to own the COMSOL Multiphysics software. The results of the finite element calculation will be handed over to you in the form of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.